Rebels Against the Mainstream Zine
Rebels Against the Mainstream Zine
Rebels Against the Mainstream Zine

Rebels Against the Mainstream Zine

Our Rebels Against the Mainstream Zine

A 210 page book printed in Japan with a hard case cover. The zine has a mixture of Photography, Interviews, and Archived Kimono Projects that we have done throughout the years.   This book shares conversations and stories with a few rad human beings of many different walks of life that are inspired by jiu-jitsu. This project is a first of its kind in our industry and we are grateful for all those involved in the project to help push Jiu-Jitsu to new levels. We create to inspire even when the masses may not understand. Shoyoroll will always push Jiu Jitsu beyond it's limits on and off the mat. 

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