Flex Trainer (WZA.SH-3)

Color: Charcoal
Size: XS

Designed for supreme performance. Part of our WAZAir Series, our Flex Trainer Shorts is lightweight focusing on comfort, moisture control, and breathability. 

**Disclaimer: The Flex Trainer Shorts is not meant to be used to roll or train Jiu Jitsu in due to the zipper and lightweight material. 

Purchase Limit: TWO per Customer/Household

*Relaxed fit

Sizing & FAQ

XS: 28" - 30" Waist, 43.5cm length
S: 30" - 32" Waist, 44.5cm length
M: 32" - 34" Waist, 45.5 cm length
L: 34" - 36" Waist, 46.5cm length
XL: 36" - 38" Waist, 47.5cm length
2XL: 38" - 40" Waist, 48.5cm length

Flex Trainer (WZA.SH-3)

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Drying Instructions:
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  • Remove promptly to minimize wrinkles and maintain shape.
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