The original


For 20 years, the Shoyoroll Competitor has been a staple in our kimono collection, known for its consistent performance in competitions. It features a modern silhouette and distinctive patchwork.

The Competitor model offers a durable, mid-weight gi that is ideal for both training and competition.

made for movement


Dedicated to improving function, the Articulated Kimono features numerous adjustments, tweaks, and upgrades to ensure both fit and form are prioritized.

The primary focus of the Articulated Kimono is to enhance range of motion and fit, from the first roll to the last.

Both the jacket and pants feature a gusseted assembly that reduces the stress typically placed on traditional kimonos, allowing for improved movement and durability.

connecting spheres


Our collaborative kimonos and collections are designed to explore creative spaces beyond the traditional realm of Jiu-Jitsu.

These partnerships provide a fresh perspective on the uniform itself, blending the art and culture of Jiu-Jitsu with influences from various other cultural spheres.

By integrating elements from diverse artistic disciplines, our collaborations highlight the interconnectedness of Jiu-Jitsu with the broader world of creativity and innovation. Through these unique and thoughtful designs, we aim to celebrate the rich, multifaceted relationship between Jiu-Jitsu and other cultural domains.

an experimental study of the martial arts uniform

EXP - 2050

The Special Projects division of our collection aims to push the boundaries between the experimental and the functional.

Previously known as our Batch Collection, these kimonos represent a more experimental, concept-driven range that remains as functional as their competition-spec counterparts.

From innovative materials and construction techniques to expressive design and storytelling, the Special Projects division is dedicated to creating our most unique and limited range of kimonos. This division serves as a platform for exploring new ideas and pushing the limits of what a kimono can be, offering practitioners a blend of cutting-edge design and practical performance.

lightness refined


One of our latest kimono variants, the WAZAir Kimono aims to create an ultra lightweight training kimono that can be used both at the gym or while travelling.

The WAZAir range is the lightest of all Shoyoroll kimonos, and offers the same cut, fit and silhouette as to our classic variants.

made for competition


Our original, competition focussed model kimono.

The Comp Standard has become a competition mainstay since its inception in 2010, and has become the athletes choice for tournament jiu jitsu.

The Comp Standard model offers a modest, unfussy aesthetic with design cues kept to a minimum, the focus of the Comp Standard is precision fitment and hardwearing material choices that are ready for the more demanding aspects of competition jiu jitsu.