Our collaborative kimonos and collections are a representation of our passion for exploring new creative spaces and discovering the dynamic relationship between Jiu Jitsu and other art forms and cultures. We believe that by pushing the boundaries we can bring a fresh perspective to Jiu Jitsu and inspire others to do the same.

Through these collaborations, we have had the privilege of working with artists, designers, and creatives from a sea backgrounds, and by incorporating their unique perspectives and styles into our own, we have been able to create kimonos and collections that truly stand out and showcase the beauty of Jiu Jitsu as an art form.

We believe that by embracing creativity and collaboration, we can continue to push the boundaries and evolve the culture. Our collaborative efforts are just one small part of this movement, and we are excited to see where the journey takes us next.
Shoyoroll teamed up with Camp High to create a loungewear capsule collection. Consisting of both apparel and kimonos, the capsule features Camp High’s signature tie dye aesthetic paired with Shoyoroll’s premium jiu jitsu uniform design.

In this special collaborative project, Footwear and Jiu Jitsu authorities New Balance and Shoyoroll fuse classic running heritage with martial arts and skate culture, to create a limited footwear release.  

Alongside Shoyoroll, Modern Streetwear innovator Alyasha Owerka-Moore lends his creative expertise to the project. Using New Balance's classic 574 silhouette as the foundation. Fabrics, colors and design aspects paying homage to both the culture and legacy of martial arts at the forefront of the design process.
A while back we hatched an idea with our friends at Cactus Store L.A. After 2 years of prototyping and field testing, we shared the result. The world’s first ever Gardening Gi, made to sustain a beating with enough compartments, pockets and comforts for everyday wear.

In 1993, FORTY PERCENT AGAINST RIGHTS® was started by director Tetsu Nishiyama, as a predecessor brand, and in 1996 WTAPS officially started as an apparel line. Collections continue to be released twice a year.

NEIGHBORHOOD® x SHOYOROLL® collaborated on a special customized gi jacket called DOGI. NHSR.DOGI Jacket includes pockets and straps creating an urban look. Perfect jacket that can be used over layers. 

 The Shoyoroll x Porter collection was originally released as an in-person exhibition and sale at the Porter Omotesando Store in Tokyo, Japan, on May 29, 2021. The collection was on display in the Porter Gallery 1, an exhibition space on the first floor of the store.

This project is a culmination of eastern and western design. Inspired by the roots and vibes of reggae island culture, the garments we have created for this collection display products of our collaborative efforts.
A line of apparel, kimonos, training gear and other essentials were included with this collection. All pieces featured imagery and construction that bring together the best of what could come of the 'Shoyoroll & The Heartbreakers' theme.